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The necessity of non-slip bathroom mats

One day, when I walked into a shopping mall, there was a uniquely designed non-slip mat on the door of the bathroom, which could be harmoniously integrated with the bathroom of the shopping mall.
An old man in his sixtieth year, but still in high spirits, walked side by side with me, and I saw her approaching the bathroom step by step. When I was fascinated by the observation, she was almost close to the bathroom, but there was a pool of water beside the non-slip mat in the bathroom. I was worried that she would slip due to the pool of water, and I wanted to remind her.
Unexpectedly, before I could say anything, the old man shouted "Wow". Seeing that she was about to slip, her other foot took a step forward out of instinct and just stepped on the non-slip mat. She quickly ran over to hold up the old man's hand with one hand. The old man was obviously frightened, but she still politely thanked her repeatedly, she said excitedly and sighed: "Fortunately, I have you, little girl, fortunately there is a non-slip mat. This old bone of mine, or I'll break a bone." I helped the old man up, and she slowly came back to her senses and walked out of the bathroom.
I was curious about the anti-slip effect of this non-slip mat. I carefully observed the non-slip bathroom mat. The large suction cup on the back was particularly attractive to me. The suction cup was particularly strong. Since there was a pool of water next to the mat, I looked at the mat The pool of water is clearly separated from wet and dry.
I recalled that the place where the old man stepped on the first foot is very easy to slip, but the second foot will take a step forward because of the reflex arc. If the place where this step is still has water, then It is easy to cause serious consequences. The light ones are easy to break the bones, and the heavy ones are easy to fall and break blood. What's more, the elderly? The muscles and bones of the body are not as flexible as before, and the body's healing ability is not as fast as when it was young. If you accidentally fall, it is easy to fall into a major event.
At this moment I realized the importance of non-slip mats!
The bathroom, whether it is in a shopping mall, hotel or home, is essential. The bathroom is a place where steam, water droplets, and water droplets are easy to return to moisture. The smooth floor of the bathroom itself is very easy to let people Slip and fall and be a safety killer. Be careful to slip and fall, especially if there are children or the elderly at home, it is particularly easy to cause harm, so a high-quality non-slip bathroom mat can really reduce the harm for you and protect the safety of your family.
The necessity of non-slip bathroom mats

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