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Bathroom anti-slip mats can give your family a safe space

While we are enjoying life, there is still a problem. There will always be water in the bathroom, so it will be very slippery. Therefore, we need to buy bathroom anti-slip mats, which will make it more convenient for us to take a bath and not Worry about slipping in the shower.
The bathroom is the most moist and slippery place in the room. Therefore, when choosing, you can touch the front of the anti-skid pad with your hand, and choose high-quality fluff material to give people a soft and soft feeling.
The back of the bathroom anti-slip mat can be made of PVC anti-slip material, rubber and other materials. PVC material is environmentally friendly and has good anti-slip performance. it is good.
Because the environment where the bathroom anti-slip mat is located is humid, we must clean it frequently. Anti-slip mats made of microfiber, coconut fiber and rubber flocking are easier to clean, but the anti-slip performance is average.
Understanding the characteristics of anti-skid pads of various materials is also helpful for us to buy. The following introduces the characteristics of anti-slip mats of several materials.
Nylon: good wear resistance, easy to clean, but easy to deform, easy to generate static electricity, and will partially dissolve in case of fire.
Polyester: The abrasion resistance is second only to nylon, which is heat-resistant and light-resistant.
Polypropylene: light weight, good elasticity, high strength; rich in raw materials, good wear resistance and low price.
Acrylic fiber: soft, warm and elastic; soft texture, soft color, not easy to lint, with anti-slip design on the back; but not strong water absorption, poor wear resistance.
Pure cotton: pure cotton material, good water absorption; good plasticity of the material, different three-dimensional design changes can be made, and cleaning is very convenient; it can be used with non-slip floor mats.
Microfiber: The water absorption is 1.5-2 times that of pure cotton, and the fiber fineness is 1/10 of that of pure cotton; the touch is softer than pure cotton, the fiber density is extremely small, it is not easy to adhere to dirt, and it is more convenient to maintain and clean.
Coconut fiber: Recycled and remanufactured from natural coconut fiber; environmentally friendly and durable, with natural color and color printing; it can effectively scrape the soles of sand, stain-resistant and easy to clean.
Rubber flocking: good drainage, light resistance, tough, durable, beautiful, and long service life; it not only has anti-slip function, but also effectively helps to scrape the sole sediment, which is very convenient to clean.
Bathroom anti-slip mats can give your family a safe space

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